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Welcome Canadian Cross-Border Shoppers! This site started with a Blog in 2010 in response to all my American friends telling me that we Canadians have "FREE" Healthcare. As you all know nothing is free, especially our health care, so I started writing my Blog 2sidesof49.wordpress.com detailing the differences in our Taxes, Travel Costs, Cost of Living and especially the difference in Canadian and US Retail prices. 

Enjoy your visit to my site and Blog. I hope that you will find many valuable and money savings tips to enhance your cross-border shopping experiences and, ultimately, allow you to keep more of your hard earned cash.

Interested in having a dynamic speaker for your service club, meeting or other event? Send me an email at info@2sidesof49.com

Have an interesting story of your own let me know via our Guest Book, through our Contact Me page or post a comment on the Blog.

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